Now Playing: Duck Carnage and Duck Carnage+

Posted onAugust 30, 2011

Duck Carnage has officially launched both versions of the game.

Duck Carnage

Duck Carnage+

In both versions you blast ducks and with an exotic arsenal trying to get the best weapons and the highest score.  The main difference is the + version costs a small donation that helps us develop more.   Any feature releases of Duck Carnage will go to the + version first.  After a delay they will also be added to the free version.

Initial reviews of the game have been positive, but I’m interested in your thoughts.  What weapons would you add or what additions would make the game more fun?

Please take a few moments to give the game a play.

Duck Carnage is Live!

Posted onAugust 21, 2011

Holy Smokes, we just hit the button to send Duck Carnage live on the Android Market!

Duck Carnage - The Hardcore Duck HuntYou can get the game for free on the 24th. Or if you are willing to donate a buck and a half, you can get the full game ad-free immediately. I would love for you to play the game, with or without the ads. Punch “Like” on the Duck Carnage Facebook page for more updates.

Duck Carnage Game Play Demo

Posted onAugust 18, 2011

Duck Carnage is going to be hitting the Android Market very soon. If all goes as planned August 21st will be the launch day.

If you liked Nintendo Duck Hunt growing up, than you are sure to like Duck Carnage for your Android touchscreen device. It will work on many types of phones and tablets as well.