More Games!

Posted on August 21, 2011

More great games…

Duck Carnage+ – Duck Carnage is a fast paced game of fowl destruction.  The + version is identical to the regular version, with the exception of being ad free.  This version is our way of saying thanks for support.  The + version of Duck Carnage has updates released a couple days ahead of the regular version.
Claustrum – Box in your enemies to capture as much of the screen as you can. You will become obsessed trying to beat your previous high scores.
Tilt Arena – Tilt Arena is a retro arena shooter (think Geometry Wars!) with sleek vector graphics and a zero button control scheme designed to get your fingers out of the way: just tilt!
RPS Academy – Rock Paper Scissors Academy lets you play this classic strategy game online with your friends on the Skiller network anywhere in the world.